Systemic Lupus Erythematosus preprints

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Visual Analytics of Group Differences in Tensor Fields: Application to Clinical DTI. A. Abbasloo, T. S. . V. W. . P. S. . R. K. . T. Schultz Nov 2017 1
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A semi-quantitative analysis of lupus arthritis using contrasted high-field MRI E. Zollars, R. Chapin Nov 2017 NA
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De Novo Mutations Implicate Novel Genes With Burden Of Rare Variants In Systemic Lupus Erythematosus V. Pullabhatla...
T. J. Vyse
May 2017 10
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Cells With Treg-Specific FOXP3 Demethylation But Low CD25 Are Prevalent In Autoimmunity R. C. Ferreira...
M. L. Pekalski
May 2017 3
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Identification of drug eQTL interactions from repeat transcriptional and environmental measurements in a lupus clinical trial E. E. Davenport...
S. Raychaudhuri
Mar 2017 17
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T-bet+ CD11c+ B Cells Are Critical For Anti-Chromatin IgG Production In The Development Of Lupus Y. Liu...
N. Shen
Mar 2017 2
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Mapping eQTLs With RNA-Seq Reveals Novel SLE Susceptibility Genes, Non-Coding RNAs, and Alternative-Splicing Events That Are Concealed Using Microarrays C. A. Odhams...
D. S. Cunninghame-Graham
Sep 2016 13
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Polygenic analysis of schizophrenia and 19 immune diseases reveals modest pleiotropy J. G. Pouget...
J. Knight
Aug 2016 11
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