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Rapid Diagnosis of Capnocytophaga canimorsus Septic Shock in an Immunocompetent Individual Using Real-Time Nanopore Sequencing 17th Nov 2018
metagenomics sepsis streaming Bookmark
Illumina and Nanopore methods for whole genome sequencing of hepatitis B virus (HBV) 16th Nov 2018
DNA Extraction Method Optimized for Nontuberculous Mycobacteria Long-Read Whole Genome Sequencing 15th Nov 2018
Nanopore native RNA sequencing of a human poly(A) transcriptome R. E. Workman...
W. Timp
10th Nov 2018
rnaseq Bookmark
Improving recovery of member genomes from enrichment reactor microbial communities using MinION--based long read metagenomics 9th Nov 2018
metagenomics Bookmark
De novo clustering of long-read transcriptome data using a greedy, quality-value based algorithm 8th Nov 2018
Convergence of virulence and multidrug resistance in a single plasmid vector in multidrug-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae ST15 7th Nov 2018
antibiotic_resistance Bookmark
Periodically driven force protein translocation through a α-hemolysin biological nano-pore 6th Nov 2018
Real-Time Selective Sequencing with RUBRIC: Read Until with Basecall and Reference-Informed Criteria 3rd Nov 2018
crispr streaming Bookmark
Nanopore sequencing enables high-resolution analysis of resistance determinants and mobile elements in the human gut microbiome 1st Nov 2018
antibiotic_resistance metagenomics Bookmark
Resolving structural diversity of Carbapenemase-producing gram-negative bacteria using single molecule sequencing 31st Oct 2018
recombination Bookmark
HLA*PRG:LA - HLA typing from linearly projected graph alignments 27th Oct 2018
Microbiota profiling with long amplicons using Nanopore sequencing: full-length 16S rRNA gene and whole rrn operon 25th Oct 2018
metagenomics Bookmark
Using long-read sequencing to detect imprinted DNA methylation 19th Oct 2018
methylation Bookmark
Capturing the dynamics of genome replication on individual ultra-long nanopore sequence reads 17th Oct 2018
Demonstration of End-to-End Automation of DNA Data Storage 11th Oct 2018
Accurate characterization of expanded tandem repeat length and sequence through whole genome long-read sequencing on PromethION. 10th Oct 2018
tandem_repeats Bookmark
Evaluating an Upper Respiratory Disease Panel on the Portable MinION Sequencer 6th Oct 2018
Direct PCR amplification of 16S rRNA genes offers accelerated bacterial identification using the MinION™ nanopore sequencer 6th Oct 2018
Structural variants identified by Oxford Nanopore PromethION sequencing of the human genome 5th Oct 2018