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Preprint Authors Date Reviews & Comments
Supercharging enables organized assembly of synthetic biomolecules A. J. Simon...
A. D. Ellington
16th May 2018
Individual differences in musical training and executive functions: A latent variable approach B. Okada, L. R. Slevc 16th May 2018
Estimating the sensorimotor components of cybersickness S. Weech, J. P. Varghese, M. Barnett-Cowan 11th May 2018
Non-Asymptotic Achievable Rates for Gaussian Energy-Harvesting Channels: Best-Effort and Save-and-Transmit. S. L. Fong, A. Y. . J. Yang 9th May 2018
Markov Chain and Techno-Economic Analysis to Identify the Commercial Potential of New Technology: A Case Study of Motorcycle in Surakarta, Indonesia 4th May 2018
Polymeric perfluoropentane nanoemulsions are a versatile platform for ultrasonic drug uncaging Q. Zhong...
R. D. Airan
4th May 2018
Delay-Energy Joint Optimization for Task Offloading in Mobile Edge Computing. Z. Wang, M. H. . W. L. . Y. Ma 30th Apr 2018
Stabilization and Protection of Biomaterial through Biomineralization via Surface Interaction: An Astrobiological Approach 25th Apr 2018
Techno-Economic Feasibility of Hybrid Solar Photovoltaic and Battery Energy Storage Power System for a Soshanguve Mobile Cellular Base Station in South Africa 25th Apr 2018
A Library of Doped-Graphene Images via Transmission Electron Microscopy 24th Apr 2018
Application of Demand Response Strategy in Optimal Configuration of a Standalone Wind-Solar-Battery System 24th Apr 2018
Dissociable roles for the rTPJ and dmPFC in self-other processing: a HD-tDCS study A. K. Martin, J. Huang, M. Meinzer 24th Apr 2018
Inferring Mobility Measures from GPS Traces with Missing Data. I. Barnett, J. Onnela 20th Apr 2018
Quantifying the Economic Case for Electric Semi-Trucks. S. Sripad, V. Viswanathan 18th Apr 2018
Design and Implementation of a Multiple Charging Point Adapted Hybrid Microgrid Powered Electric Vehicle Charging Station and Its Energy Management Strategy 17th Apr 2018
Short Term Load Forecasts of Low Voltage Demand and the Effects of Weather. S. Haben, F. Z. . G. G. . S. Arora 10th Apr 2018
Cyber Forensic Review of Human Footprint and Gait-based System for Personal Identification in Crime Scene Investigation 6th Apr 2018
Remapping the cognitive and neural profiles of children who struggle at school D. E. Astle...
J. Holmes
5th Apr 2018
Real-Time Demand Side Management Algorithm Using Stochastic Optimization 4th Apr 2018
Visual physiology of the Layer 4 cortical circuit in silico A. Arkhipov...
C. Koch
31st Mar 2018