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Preprint Authors Date Reviews & Comments
Attentional Bias Modification Alters fMRI Response towards Negative Stimuli in Residual Depression E. Hilland...
R. Jonassen
17th May 2018
Reliable and automatic epilepsy classification with affordable, consumer-grade electroencephalography in rural sub-Saharan Africa V. T. V. Hees...
W. M. Otte
17th May 2018
GLMdenoise improves multivariate pattern analysis of fMRI data I. Charest, N. Kriegeskorte, K. Kay 13th May 2018
A random effects stochastic block model for joint community detection in multiple networks with applications to neuroimaging. S. Paul, Y. Chen 8th May 2018
Self-similarity and multifractality in human brain activity: a wavelet-based analysis of scale-free brain dynamics D. L. Rocca...
P. Ciuciu
7th May 2018
Intracranial Error Detection via Deep Learning. M. V...
W. B. . . T. Ball
7th May 2018
Covariate Shift Estimation based Adaptive Ensemble Learning for Handling Non-Stationarity in Motor Imagery related EEG-based Brain-Computer Interface. H. Raza, S. Z. . D. R. . H. C. . G. Prasad 4th May 2018
Seemless Utilization of Heterogeneous XSede Resources to Accelerate Processing of a High Value Functional Neuroimaging Dataset. D. Krieger, B. Z. . P. S. . A. J. . D. O. Okonkwo 3rd May 2018
Ghrelin enhances food odor conditioning in healthy humans: an fMRI study J. E. Han...
A. Dagher
1st May 2018
Method to assess the functional role of noisy brain signals by mining envelope dynamics. A. Meinel, M. T. . H. Kolkhorst 30th Apr 2018
Context and perceptual asymmetry effects on the mismatch negativity (MMNm) to speech sounds: an MEG study A. Højlund...
M. Wallentin
29th Apr 2018
FMRI processing with AFNI: Some comments and corrections on "Exploring the Impact of Analysis Software on Task fMRI Results" P. A. Taylor...
R. W. Cox
28th Apr 2018
Machine Learning pipeline for discovering neuroimaging-based biomarkers in neurology and psychiatry. A. Bernstein, E. K. . E. B. . S. S. . M. S. . A. A. . A. A. . R. Akzhigitov 27th Apr 2018
A machine learning model for identifying cyclic alternating patterns in the sleeping brain. A. Chindhade, A. B. . A. A. . K. D. . P. S. Menon 25th Apr 2018
FMRIPrep: a robust preprocessing pipeline for functional MRI O. Esteban...
K. J. Gorgolewski
25th Apr 2018 Reviews
Integrated deep visual and semantic attractor neural networks predict fMRI pattern-information along the ventral object processing pathway B. J. Devereux, A. D. Clarke, L. K. Tyler 18th Apr 2018
Age-related impairment of semantic integration into long-term memory is related to theta-alpha and low beta oscillations P. A. Packard...
N. Bunzeck
18th Apr 2018
Beyond Core Object Recognition: Recurrent processes account for object recognition under occlusion K. Rajaei...
S. Khaligh-Razavi
17th Apr 2018
Multimodal evidence on shape and surface information in individual face processing D. Nemrodov...
A. Nestor
17th Apr 2018
Spotting the path that leads nowhere: Modulation of human theta and alpha oscillations induced by trajectory changes during navigation A. Javadi...
H. Spiers
15th Apr 2018